Sundown Mountain Renovations

DUBUQUE – Over the course of Summer 2015, Sundown Mountain made a few major changes to the work flow of the mountain.

Sundown Mountain built a brand new building, the Mountain Center, and turned it into the rental and ski lift ticket area. The ski and snowboarding rentals used to be in a completely different building, along with the ski lift ticket window, but with the new renovations, now it is all in one building.

“The whole idea was to have a customer come in through one door, get a ticket right there, get their boots, put them on, and get their skis so they’re always going the same direction. We want to have the customer take the fewest amount of steps to get out on the hill.”

Sundown also made some renovations in their North Lodge, where the ticket sales used to be. They added a gift shop, a cafeteria, and a bar area.

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