Students swoon to sound of Six Appeal

photos by Katie Tooze

On Friday, Sept. 23, the Loras College Activities Board welcomed Six Appeal, a professional men’s a cappella group, to campus. The ballroom was filled with students from all years eager to spend the night listening to upbeat, exciting music.

Loras’ own group, Duhawkapella, opened the show before the main act took the stage. The group has grown rapidly in popularity over their two years of existence and boasts a 12-member ensemble. They kicked off the night singing a well-known favorite, Billy Joel’s “For the Longest Time,” which featured a majority of the group’s singers as soloists.

sa4“It’s so much fun to work with the other members of Duhawkapella and to sing a solo for one of our songs,” first-year and tenor Sam Anderson said. “I was so excited to learn that I was part of the group. We have a lot of fun together.”

Duhawkapella then toned down the mood with “Run to You,” a song originally made famous by Pentatonix. The group then held a battle of the sexes –  the female vocalists singing “Lolly Pop” followed by the males singing “My Girl.” They concluded their time on stage with two final songs: “Morning Comes” and “Seasons of Love.”

After Duhawkapella finished their songs, Six Appeal began their performance and introduced their members. The group is based out of St. Paul, MN and tours year-round, performing an average of 200 shows per year around the U.S. Six Appeal originally started as a hobby in 2006 before evolving into the professional, diverse a cappella group in 2010. In 2012, the group won the National Harmony Sweepstakes Championship, boosting their popularity. Each member of the group has their own sound, allowing them to perform any song in any genre.

Six Appeal set a vibrant mood, opening their show with “Circle of Life” from Disney’s “The Lion King.” They continued their show with songs such as “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson, “Listen to the Music” by The Doobie Brothers, “Everything” by Michael Bublé, and “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” by The Proclaimers. The vocal band also emphasized that each song was sung with only voice and no special effects. They especially took time to showcase the importance of percussion within each of their songs, showing off the talents of their main vocal percussionist Andrew Berkowitz.

“I enjoy building up the beat when we perform our songs,” Berkowitz said. “Nobody knows where the beats are coming from until it all blends together, which causes them to be surprised. It’s an awesome feeling.”

“I was fascinated by Andrew’s ability to keep the different beats of each song,” junior Adrienne Pearson said. “He’s basically a drum set, Skrillex, and a beatboxer all in one.”
Six Appeal also brought excitement to the stage with their dance skills and harmonizing exercises for the crowd. After the show, they stuck around to meet and take pictures with Loras students and members of Duhawkapella.

“It was such an honor to open for Six Appeal,” Anderson added. “They’re an amazing group of singers and I enjoyed meeting them.”

The next events CAB will be hosting coincide with Loras’ Homecoming week and include hypnotist Jim Wand, and their tailgate before the football game against Buena Vista.

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