Students ‘Du It Forward’

It can be difficult to understand just how much everyday actions can influence the lives of others. What may seem like a small, irrelevant act of kindness can make a world of differences in someone else’s life. It’s nearly impossible to know exactly what someone else is going through and what words and actions can do to them.

Du It Forward week, and their events throughout the week, came just at the right time for the students at Loras: between Monday, Oct. 5 and Friday, Oct. 9.

“(It) was a week full of giving”, said sophomore Nia Stompanato, who feels right at home thanks to programs like these. “Being a part of the Duhawk community is something that I am so thankful for.”

Stompanato is not alone. Highlighted by the great events outside the Caf, Du It Forward week made every student involved feel right at home at Loras. On Monday, members of the Du It Forward committee were giving out “free smiles” to those walking by. On Tuesday, the group sponsored “how full is your bucket,” a program that had students putting acts of kindness into a bucket in exchange for another action which the student must then complete. Walking past, students could see the days brighten of those involved. Wednesday brought a lot of mail to the mail room because Du It Forward had students sending letters to fellow students in an attempt to make their day. Everyone loves to get mail, and Du It Forward utilized that feeling and made it easy for students to share the love.

Finally, on Thursday, a photo booth was set up with white boards where students were encouraged to write what makes their love grow at Loras. All photos were posted on Facebook by Jina Quade, the head of the Du It Forward committee. Seeing the pictures on Facebook was yet another way that the committee shared smiles with the students of Loras College.

Du It Forward Week tried to increase the awareness of the impact that people can have on their peers through their simple actions. By having students show the people in their lives that they make their time at Loras special, Du It Forward Week put smiles on so many faces and made a bigger impact than what may be seen by the public. Being nice to others can not only make that person’s day, but it can also make the person who showed kindness feel good inside too. Du It Forward week was a great reminder of how Duhawks should act year round and hopefully this week will spark more kindness going forward.

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