Student job loss: on and off campus

By Austin Ellis

In light of the COVID-19 spread, life is going to change for Loras students. Students with jobs both on and off campus are faced with leaving their source of income while at school. Furthermore, students are being sent home through at least Apr. 20 when classes are expected to resume. In the meantime, students will continue classes through online means. Senior Dana Majerczyk is one of the many students who must leave their campus job.

“This is definitely going to impact me because I can’t work at home. My income is here,” commented Majerczyk.

For many students like her, the upcoming months will be challenging both emotionally and financially.

“Luckily the roof will stay over my head, food will stay in my fridge, but I don’t know how I’m going to really pay my bills.”

The decision to suspend students from the campus mid-semester is a first for Loras, so many people are in the same situation. As the COVID-19 situation develops, students are going to be put to the ultimate test. However, they won’t carry the burden alone. Many families will be brought closer than ever in this time of hardship, as it’s crucial to be safe and prepared with loved ones as this historic situation develops.

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