Strong Semester: The Loras College Democrats

LORAS COLLEGE – In the United States, there are two major political parties that voters can adhere to in elections and political practices. For the LCTV Election Show, reporter Levi Bernhard has completed a brief story on what the Democratic party at Loras College is doing for the upcoming elections.

Based upon the political climate, the Loras College Democrats prepared themselves for a good election season at the start of the semester.

Starting out with events such as a First Debate Watch Party, the group hoped to raise awareness of the issues in this election to students at Loras. The various issues they focused on included the economy, defense, and gun control. While the party platform forms some parts of their interactions, Student Democrat President Rachel Kilburg stated, “Our goal isn’t always to advance our own party platform, but just to make sure that the students know what’s out there and can form their own opinions…”

The organization also set out to ensure that students took care of voter registration in advance. They held several workshops which encouraged students to register and/or apply for an absentee ballot. According to Kilburg, “This year, our big goal is to get a lot of voter registration. Our goal is to have everyone on the Loras campus registered to vote, so that, when Election Day comes around, they can all cast their vote…”early-registration

Registering also means that students can vote early by absentee ballot or other voting practices if they are too busy on Election Day.

While they did not encourage their platform, the LC Democrats still campaigned for their party’s candidates, including Hillary Clinton and Monica Vernon. Several events held throughout the semester is helping the party spread the word about their candidates on campus. As Kilburg noted, “We always invite candidates to come to our meeting. We usually have local candidates if they are available, but for national candidates such as Hillary Clinton, we have a campaign organizer that comes in and talks to us…”

kaine-eventTim Kaine, Clinton’s running mate, was the most recent candidate to speak at Loras on Wednesday, November 2. With spirits high, the event made Democrats enthusiastic about the party’s chances in the election. As party member Patrick Wolak said, “…they [the party] just want all our children to have a better future than our parents did, and to have a better America for tomorrow…”

In addition to the activities mentioned above, the Loras Democrats did the traditional passing of pamphlets and knocking on doors to advertise candidates. This is Levi Bernhard, for LCTV News.

An update to this article, as well as a video upload, will occur after the Election Show on November 8.

November 8, 2016 – The Loras Democrats continued to campaign for Clinton until the Election on November 8. A member of their party was interviewed on the LCTV News Election show, which can be seen on YouTube in the LCTV channel.

The Democrats package, which contains more information, is available at

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