Loras College: The Musical Hits Home


Over 30 Loras College staff members began rehearsals for faculty/staff production this past May. Unlike in recent years, this biannual performance was a musical.

“[Kyle and I] had some meetings about a year out. Just to talk about what kind of thing we wanted to do. And really I just left it at – ‘I think we need to do a stylized piece. And I think we could do a musical.’ Because they had been doing melodramas for a little while.”

– Ryan Decker, Director
Photo Credits: Jon Quinn

The script for Loras College: The Musical was written by Kyle and Stephanie Klapatauskas, who had written for similar productions in the past. However, Decker is new to this biannual tradition.

“I knew that on occasion this show would happen and there was a lot of excitement and buzz around it… It’s a bit of a tradition and this is my first step into it.”

– Decker

Loras College: The Musical takes place in 1971, the year that Loras College went co-educational. The musical is centered around the Bunker family, a group of villains from an “undisclosed eastern-European country”. The Bunker family aims to shut down Loras College and create a brand-new college in its place. At the same time, students Roy Bolton and Pamela Montrose fall in love and audition for Loras’s Fall Play. However, the couple is forced to choose between their love for performing and their commitments to their friends. Roy and Pamela’s storyline humorously parodies the movie High School Musical.

“It’s a wonderful show. It’s funny, fast-paced, and genuinely well done.”

– Jadah Koob, Loras Sophomore

The Faculty/Staff Production is also a great opportunity for staff members to let loose their creative talent. It’s a good way for students to see their professors in a different light.

“It’s been really fun to meet people and see the human beings behind the names and titles that I’ve been electronically interacting with for a while.”

– Decker

The Faculty/Staff Production is one of the few campus activities that require an entry fee for students. Fortunately, the money goes back to the students. All proceeds from the production go toward the faculty/staff scholarship.

If you missed this show and are curious about future Loras Student productions, here is a list of upcoming performances;

  • One Day Play – Sat. September 28th at 7:30 pm
  • Fall Duprov Showcase – Wed. October 16th at 7:30 pm
  • Silent Sky – October 31st through November 2nd
  • Oedipus Rex – November 21st through November 23rd
  • A Christmas Carol – Sat. December 7th

Photo Credits: Jon Quinn
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