Spring Fest!

Spring Fest!

This week, May 9 through 13, marks the annual Spring Fest hosted by CAB. This week provides ways for students to de-stress as finals loom in the near future. Each day is dedicated to a separate  event.

Monday was the last Common Time lecture of the year, and it was held in Marie Graber Ballroom. Tuesday was the semiannual puppy fest, allowing students to put puppies on the mind instead of final projects and papers. Last night, Wednesday, was canvas painting night in the Pub, letting artistic expression ease the analytical minds. Today, massages are being held in the Arizona room for all students and in Binz for sophomores.

Tomorrow night is the headlining event of the week, the Timeflies concert. Tickets are still on sale and can be found at  www.loras.edu/ecommerce. Timeflies is an Indie pop and hiphop duo made of producer Rob Resnick and vocalist Cal Shapiro. Some of their more recent singles include “Worse Things than Love” and “Once in a While.” This concert is the biggest CAB event of the year.

“The whole point of Spring Fest is to get students together one last time before finals in a stress free environment,” said CAB officer and junior Allison Kaleta.

This week was and will continue to be an important one for students preparing for finals, giving them opportunities to enjoy their last few days before leaving Loras for the summer.

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