Spring Cleaning At Loras Is The Way To Go!

Students at Loras took advantage of good weather to clean up campus.

On Sunday April 22th groups of Duhawks came together to make the college a more beautiful place.

Armed with gloves, brooms and many trashbags volunteers participated in Beautify Loras.

This volunteer opportunity brings together student organizations and sports teams to work towards one goal.

Everyone enjoyed the day and the event, they recognized campus is something they use daily and that requires all possible care.

One Duhawk said
“I think it’s really cool that we are cleaning up around the track we are all in the track team, we are all team mates and we use this like every single day so I feel like we are really doing something that benefits us as well as the college.” »

Thanks to the Duhawks who made campus a cleaner place for us all!

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