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DUBUQUE – Tweeting, posting and Instagramming. These are things we all do, but in moments before hitting “send” how many people are thinking about future consequences? If you’re a college student, you should ┬ábe.

Riley Kilburg, a Senior who is about to graduate and enter the workforce, says that he avoids posting anything that may seem undesirable to employers.

“I think it’s a good idea to always generally assume that they are going to look at it, especially if it is a public account,” he says.

Pamela Mumm, Executive Coach of Maximumm Effect, says that all employers are looking at social media now before hiring.

“They [employers] said, ‘we will go on Facebook, we’ll check out their Instagram, check out Twitter,'” Mumm explains.

The solution to all this attention on their social media accounts for many job-hunters is to make everything private. Some might be surprised to learn that this is actually a red flag.

Mumm explains that employers think, “If they’re hiding something in social media, they will hide something from our company. And we don’t want that.”

Keeping your social media accounts open and clean is the best way to go.

Mumm suggests that students avoid posting pictures where they look intoxicated, where they are holding a drink, or are inappropriately dressed in they are job searching. Above all else – when in doubt, delete or do not post at all.

“If there’s any doubt, then do not post it. If there is any doubt that it is inappropriate, then delete it,” Mumm warns.

Social media is not going anywhere. So learn to use it properly and it can pay off.

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Allison is a senior at Loras College and is a Dubuque native. She's the Producer of LCTV News, along with Payton Van Vors, as well as an anchor and reporter. This past summer, Allison had an internship with KCRG in Dubuque, and she's continuing to work for them this Fall. Allison reports because she loves keeping her community informed on issues and events that matter to them.

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