Social distancing while staying social


The coronavirus has changed the everyday lives of many if not all Americans. College students have been sent back home to finish the semester online and all non-essential workers are now being told to work from home. Since covid-19 has spread throughout America, the CDC, makes recommendations, but the governors and mayors are making decisions about closing businesses and shelter in place. As of now there are only seven states that don’t have some sort of stay at home order in place.

The rules for the social distancing vary slightly, from state to state. However, the guidelines generally are the following; persons are required to stay 6-feet away from one another and gatherings are limited to 10 persons.

 For some college students,  this was the first time they had been home in a long time. Loras College Senior  Isabel Hernandez says,

“It has stopped me from living a ‘normal life’. I feel trapped, sad, constantly feeling like I don’t know what to do with my time. If I had to pick one word, I feel helpless. I feel helpless knowing that there are so many people suffering and so many things happening around me, but I can’t do anything about it. Everyday there is something new – a new case, a new death, a new rule etc. – but there isn’t any progress that is shown as big.”

Isabel Hernandez

Hernandez is from the west side neighborhood Pilsen in Chicago and is living with her family of six.

In today’s age of technology it isn’t that hard to stay in touch with friends and family no matter the distance. Freshman Pablo Rodriguez Ceballos, says “I have been keeping up with the Loras friends & other friends through social media and calling and texting them directly”.  Rodrigues Ceballos is from Des Moines, Iowa. Although the Governor of Iowa has not put a 24-hour lock down in place technology such as FaceTime and other video chatting software is the main way Rodriguez is staying in contact with friends and family.

Although the coronavirus has changed everyday lives for many. Students remain hopeful about life going back to normal once the quarantine is over. Hernandez hopes for post quarantine are, “To live my life. I am not one to take things for granted but now I want to make sure I live the life that I want, the best way that I can. I want to go back to living it and recognizing and appreciating the little things.”

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Kamaya is a junior at Loras College majoring in Media Stuides.

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