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DUBUQUE, Iowa (LCTV) – Loras College’s League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) had a hand in fighting a bill that would have encouraged racial profiling. The bill was named SF-579. The bill failed to pass due to public outcry over the potential racial concerns.

SF-579 would have permitted law enforcement to gather data on minorities when and where they saw fit. Many Iowans felt that this bill would have encouraged racial profiling. Students were able to act against the bill through signing a petition.

The Loras petition drew over 150 signatures in support against the bill. Rodrigo Espino, a member of LULAC, highlighted the importance of making a person’s voice heard. According to Espino, “Everybody has to come out and vote and share your voice. We’re loud. We’re young. We have a lot of energy. Use it.”

Espino further discussed the effects of the proposed bill. He said, “If this bill did pass, it would be another excuse to spread more hate. Lately, we’ve been seeing a lot of hate crimes going on and a lot of abuse towards minorities”.

Even at a college campus, students can find ways to bring about social or political change. The support for LULAC’s petition shows that younger generations care about the world around them. The time is always right to act on what you believe in.

For more information about SF-579, check out the link below.

Photo courtesy of Loras LULAC.

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