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DUBUQUE, Iowa (LCTV) – The city of Dubuque has received a $1 million grant to update traffic light systems throughout the city. With this grant, the goal is to create more efficient response times among traffic signals in the case of an accident or congestion. The project is named Smart Traffic Routing with Efficient & Effective Traffic System (STREETS).

Using real-time data collection, the system simulates future traffic conditions. The system uses this data in order to communicate changes in traffic to road-users through GPS on their phones. This gives drivers a better idea of traffic conditions before they even hit the road.

The implementation of this system will take roughly three years. Chandra Ravada, the Director of Transportation for the ECIA, offered his insight on the project. “This project had three phases. One is the design…Two is the implementation part and three is testing. All of this will take at least thirty to thirty-six months”.

The cost of the project was broken down by Opinion of Probable Cost (OPC). There are two deployment stages for the project regarding funding. Stage one regards the implementation of software, cameras, and traffic signal enhancements at thirty-three intersections.

In stage two, the project will expand to an additional 24 intersections. Estimates for stage one were placed at over $3,365,000. Estimates for the overall project were placed at $5,060,000.

The implementation of this system is intended to adapt with the modern technological times. However, these measures will also maximize travel and safety effectiveness. Dubuque should see the new system in action by late 2022.

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