Senior Spotlight

Emily Erickson

Where are you from?
Grayslake, IL

What are your majors/minors?
Elementary Education with endorsements in Spanish and Reading

Every senior’s favorite question…post-grad plans?
Right now, I am planning to find a job in the teaching field, either back in my hometown area or here in Dubuque.

What is/was your favorite class during your time at Loras?
In the Education program, we took a class where we learned about movement in the classroom. In every class, we did fun activities that promoted movement, especially yoga!

Favorite professor(s) during your time at Loras?
I would say probably Dr. Welsh is my favorite professor, though I like all of the professors I have had.

Chicken Nugget Monday or Taco Tuesday?
Chicken Nugget Monday!

What is your favorite Loras memory?
I would probably say the formal that I initiated last ear for young adults and adults with disabilities. It was a night filled with a lot of smiles and happiness held by all!

Do you have any advice for fellow Duhawks?
Keep focus on supporting each other through everything you do.

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