Senior Spotlight: Emma Cooke

Where are you from?

Arlington Heights, Illinois

What are your majors/minors?

Criminal Justice and Psychology

Every senior’s favorite question…post-grad plans?

I plan on being a police officer for a department in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago

What is/was your favorite class at Loras?

Law Enforcement: Decision Making and Use of Force. Two Sheriff deputies teach us use of force in the VirTra machine, where we run through real world police scenarios to better understand how fast a situation can unfold and how to be prepared for those situations. I think this class will be especially beneficial for when I become a police officer in a few short months.

Chicken Nugget Monday or Taco Tuesday?

Easily Chicken Nugget Monday. You can never go wrong with some chicken nuggets and ranch!

What is your favorite Loras memory?

My favorite memory at Loras has to be playing hide and seek with my best friends freshman year on Halloween. We spread out and hid throughout the entire Loras Campus. From that day forward, our group chat got called Hide and Seek Squad and is one of my best memories!

Do you have any advice for your fellow Duhawks?

My piece of advice would be to stay on top of your school work but also to remember to take time to spend time with friends and order that Domino’s pizza. When they tell you that you will meet your best friends for life during Launch, they are not kidding! (S/o to Paul, Kaitlyn, Laura, Sarah, Ervin, Austin, Ben and Jeff). Soak up every day you are surrounded by Duhawks because four years go by quick!

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