School Buses Shift To Seat Belts

School Buses Shift To Seat Belts

No seat belts on school buses will soon become a thing of the past. Iowa is now the seventh state to pass a regulation requiring all Iowa school buses to have seat belts.

Every morning Jessica Freiburger sends her two children off to school on the Dubuque Community School Bus. Seat belt safety is very important to Freiburger. 

Freiburger said, “I’m kind of a seat belt stickler, but I’m putting him on a bus with no kind of restrict at all and to me that doesn’t make quite sense.”

Freiburger like many parents want to make sure her children are safe.

Freiburger said, “I think our children’s safety should be our first priority, so with that being said safety and the seat belts go hand and hand.”

No seat belts on school buses? This will soon become a thing of the past. As of October 2nd, the Iowa Department of Education has launched a law requiring students to wear seat belts on school buses. 

With winter soon approaching slippery roads and slippery buses pose safety concerns for children traveling to school via school bus.  Dubuque County School District Transportation Manager Ernie Bolibuagh,recalls a school bus accident that occurred last year.

Bolibaugh said, “We did have a rollover incident a couple of years ago in the winter under bad weather conditions so that’s where the seat belts really stand out”

No one was harmed or injured in the accident, but the risk was enough to promote the need for seat belts. 

To accommodate the new rule, the district hopes to have all of its buses with the upgraded seat belt feature within the next ten years. As for the old buses, they will continue to be used until all of the new buses with seat belts are implemented.  Each row fits either two high scholars or three elementary school children per seat. 

Parents and officials can both agree that the safety of the children is their main priority. 

Bolibaugh said, “We just want the kids to be safe out there this is another step to improve that”

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