Rumor Prom and Formal

DUBUQUE-    This dress shop at the bottom of Loras Blvd may seem like trills and frills on the outside, but on the inside has a story that spans decades.

Cathy Enabnit, the owner of Rumor Prom and Formal, has gone through  some major changes to be the success she is today Her story starts as a baby,  born here in Dubuque, but then soon left when she was adopted into a loving home. She never thought to seek out her birth mother till she was at the young age of 19. Determined to find her biological parents, she was able to obtain the last name of her mother and called everyone in Dubuque with that last name. Like a miracle, her last call was to her biological grandfather. With that one call, Cathy found her mother -and now they  are still close to this day. But her story doesn’t stop there.

Living outside of Dubuque, Enabnit received a grant to open a store to benefit the younger generation in the community. gaining experience and finding that she loved being in the Prom industry, Cathy had a calling to open up a store like no other here in Dubuque. A prom shop. Once moving to Dubuque, she purchased a kitschy and outdated store at the bottom of Loras Blvd. Of course, there was a lot of work to be done. Cathy, her Husband, and a carpenter set out to change what was outdated walls and yellowed woods into the modern homey feel it is today.

Rumor Prom and Formal has achieved amazing success for only being open for such a short period of time. Enbnat still has one last endeavor now with Prom season at an end. Renting. With her array of skills, she plans to turn the beautiful dress shop into a fulling functioning apartment for the off season.

Don’t worry, Rumor Prom and Formal will be back in business next November. Of course, with Cathy doing what she loves, she  will no doubt continue her success in the years to come.










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My name is Bailey Hussey and I am the Producer of Take5 and a reporter for LCTV news this spring semester. I am involved in Drumline and Choir.

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