Rebooted pro-life club takes its first steps

Getting a campus organization started isn’t easy, and keeping one regularly maintained and active isn’t a walk in the park either. One such campus organization that’s been relatively obscure for the last couple years is being revitalized this semester, thanks to the passion of its new co-presidents. Junior Darby Callahan and freshman Josh Payan have recently teamed up to lead the pro-life organization Duhawks for Life into an age of activism and evangelism.

“It’s been around as far as a club since I came here three years ago, but it was never a big club. It never grew into much more than maybe five to ten people showing up at meetings,” Callahan explained the organization’s prior existence, “once we become more open and a more cohesive group, I think we can better understand the student body and where they stand on different pro-life issues.”

Callahan sees his mission as growing the organization and fostering learning on how to talk about pro-life issues with other students on campus. The co-presidents have three established goals for their rebooted organization: grow membership, have events on campus to facilitate more activity and partnerships with other organizations like the Peace and Justice Group and Spiritual Life, and ensuring sustainability for the future.

One of the first events was held on Monday, Sept. 30, with speaker Sarah Minnich from the national organization Students for Life giving a talk on pro-life apologetics. Being the nation’s largest pro-life organization, Students for Life has the goal of “abolishing abortion in our lifetime” and seeks to accomplish this by education and empowering pro-life students on campuses across the country. Having visited over 1,200 campuses, they provide student organizations with resources and training to better equip them to be the most effective communicators possible.

“When you have an injustice that continues to be perpetrated on innocent people in the culture, the culture needs to be fixed. We always say that laws are downstream from culture, but culture is downstream from education. I think the future of our country is dependent on reaching young people and showing them what abortion really does,” Minnich stated during her talk on why she was attracted to Students for Life. She emphasized the need for visits like these to be civil and founded on a basis of science and philosophy, as well as working to provide pregnant women with the resources they need so as to avoid the option of abortion.

If you’re interested in joining Duhawks for Life, email, comment on any of the Duhawks for Life Instagram posts at Duhawks4life, or find them on Facebook to sign up.

Darby Callahan and Josh Payan, (co-presidents of Duhawks for Life) and Sarah Minnich (speaker and regional coordinator for Students for Life)
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Daniel Charland is a staff writer for The Lorian.

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