Re-engage dubque


DUBUQUE – This engaging program has been has been helping young adults here in Dubuque Achieve an higher education.

Re-engage Dubuque has been reaching out to sixteen- to twenty one year olds for over four years now, giving them an alternative for where the traditional schooling fails them. Coaches like Temwa Phiri,  and Mike Smith dig deep with the people who come in and strive to get to know them on a personal level and to build a bridge of trust between them. This matters the most to the coaches as the relationship between the two is what really helps them regain trust that a lot of the students have lost in the adults they already know.

These coaches have helped over 100 people get a degree already and continue to work to help all those who wish to continue their education here in Dubuque.



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My name is Bailey Hussey and I am the Producer of Take5 and a reporter for LCTV news this spring semester. I am involved in Drumline and Choir.

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