Rand Paul draws attention to affordable education

Photos by Broderick Hooker

On Tuesday, U.S. Sen. Rand Paul visited Loras College on his Iowa Colleges tour. The goal of the tour is to find 10,000 students to caucus for Paul on February 1, 2016. Loras College was Paul’s fifth Iowa school. Other colleges on the campaign trail include Coe, Cornell, University of Iowa, St. Ambrose, Upper Iowa, Wartburg, UNI, Morningside, Buena Vista and Drake.

During his speech at Loras, he provided students his ideas for the future. This included several ways to make education more affordable. He commented on how students and politicians should not be asking how to pay for college, but instead should ask, “Why is college so expensive?”

Along with his focus on education, Paul expressed his concern about the National Security Agency’s activity searching private phones. He said it’s time for his predecessors to learn from their mistakes.
He focused on various other issues within his 25-minute speech.
Many students, both supporters and critics, came out to hear the presidential candidate speak about his plans and hopes for the country.

Students for Rand intern Haley O’Brien, a junior, explained her desire to be at Tuesday’s event: “Since I am able to vote this year, I decided I needed to educate myself. I have learned so much just by volunteering for Students for Rand. I am just so excited to have had this opportunity.”

“Rand Paul is a refreshing  change of pace from the other Republican candidates,” added sophomore Brody Hooker. “The things he emphasizes are important to know and continue to remember, such as the Bill of Rights and the importance of liberty. We often forget these things during election season.”

Critics came out for similar reasons, saying that it is important to do research when such a big decision is being made. Iowa will continue to be visited by presidential candidates, as it already has by Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina, Bernie Sanders, Marco Rubio and, now, Rand Paul.

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