Radio revival

By Daniel Charland

In the past year KLCR, the Loras campus radio station, has been picking itself up after a period of dormancy thanks to recent student recruits. For some students, working with radio broadcasting as a host or DJ is something they were looking forwards to when coming to Loras, but were disappointed to find it unavailable when they got here. One student in particular, senior Xavier Sanchez, decided to do something about it.

“I guess it died the year before I got here,” said Sanchez. “I met with the professor of Media Studies, Paul Kohl, and he said to figure out if there was any interest and people who wanted to do it, so I went around. It took a long time to get it up. We had hoped sophomore year (Fall 2017), but it didn’t work out. All of 2018, I had hoped, but it never happened. Last February, we finally got it to work.”

Since the re-launch of KLCR, a variety of shows have made their way onto the station, ranging from news to classic rock, sports, and Latin music. Currently, there are around five different shows airing, with music in between to make sure that there’s always something to listen to whenever people go to the website during the school year. Sanchez says that they are looking for more people to come in and contribute to the radio shows, especially since many of the current students are seniors who are in need of successors for when they graduate.

“I know there’s interest,” said Sanchez. “It’s just difficult to get people to join clubs in college because they’re worried about maintaining a balance of everything they want to do. Our big thing is that we can work around you. You give me the time that works best. The hope is an hour a week and a lot of people have been able to do that.”

One of the newest additions to KLCR’s team is senior Amber Hamm and her new Christian radio show. She was introduced to the station through her friend and fellow senior, Audrey Peterson.

“Audrey invited me on her show a few times,” said Hamm, “so I would go in there and sit on the bench and think, ‘oh, so this is radio.’ Then she said ‘You should totally do it’ and I thought ‘No, it’s not me’. Then last semester, I thought, ‘You know, there’s no Christian radio show’, and as a Christian, I felt that was important. So I asked Xavier if I could do one and he said sure”.

Now enjoying her experience being the one behind the radio booth, Hamm encourages anyone interested to join. Freshmen in particular are encouraged to sign up in order to take full advantage of this relevantly college-exclusive experience.

“I think anyone who has a desire to just talk into a microphone, play music, and share your heart should go for it. I don’t think you need experience. I don’t have experience. I’m doing this because I personally just want to do something fun, but also give the call that people need to hear the Gospel,” said Hamm.

“It’s on your terms and what you want to present to your audience” said Hamm.

For more information on Loras radio, listen on, or check out their social media @LorasRadio on Facebook and Twitter. Anyone interested in starting their own show may contact Xavier Sanchez or Professor Paul Kohl by email.

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Daniel Charland is a staff writer for The Lorian.

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