Psi Chi stimulates the brains of youth and adults

On Monday during Common Time in the ACC Ballrooms, cogs in the minds of 60 elementary students and 40 Loras ones were whirring. The reason these brains were working is because Psi Chi, the National Honor Society in Psychology, hosted an event titled “Brain Games” in honor of Brain Awareness Week, which lasts from March 10-16 this year. For this event, Loras students and students from Marshall Elementary and the Homeschool Association could participate in mind games and activities that stimulated various areas of the brain.

Stations were set up around the ballroom, each with a different activity. There was one called “Semantic Memory” where a list of 15 words was read off, and participants were to write down as many as they could remember. The “Tower of Hanoi” station involved three disks of different sizes and three spokes. Using the parietal lobe of the brain, the participant had to move the disks from one spoke to another without placing a larger disk onto a smaller one. Another station involved perceptual adaption, which involved the participant wearing goggles that inverted his or her vision. Not only did participants perceive the ceiling where the floor should be, they had to walk from cone to cone and catch a ball. Other stations involved optical illusions, building a model of a neutron, and even holding a human brain.

“I’m really proud of Psi Chi and the NeuroClub for organizing and running all of the games,” said Dr. Sara Bagley, Assistant Professor of Psychology. “Watching college students play with little kids just puts a smile on everyone’s face.”

Due to the success of Brain Games, Psi Chi hopes to make this an annual event during Brain Awareness Week.

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