Pro-life advocates walk for the unborn in downtown Dubuque



Friday marked the 48th anniversary of the controversial Supreme Court ruling, Roe vs. Wade which legalizes abortion in the United States.  

In opposition to this ruling, over 100 members of the Pro-Life community here in  Dubuque participated in a walk for the Dubuque County Right to Life’s annual, Walk for Life.

Its 5 degrees above zero, but for these advocates, it’s just a stark reminder of the reason they’re gathering here today. 

Although Dubuque County Right to Life’s mission is to stand up for the sanctity of all life from conception until natural death, Executive Director, Ashley Stackis reminds the crowd that today, the focus is on the impacts of abortion.

Among those gathered, is pro-life advocate Teresa Shepard, who hopes that sharing her personal experience with abortion will empower others who have been impacted to begin healing.

 “It isn’t just stopping abortion, not just about being pro-life, but it’s being on the other side–that we come up alongside of these people who have had abortions and that we heal them. We start giving them a voice so that they’ll be able to speak about the lies that they’re being told in the abortion clinics,” Shepard said.

From Washington Square, to the Dubuque County Courthouse, and back again – participants hold signs and crosses, some quietly praying the rosary – warming their hearts with prayers and hands with hot chocolate.

The organization’s leaders also discussed their goal to raise funds that would go towards the renovation of the Memorial to the Unborn. Since its completion in 2002, the memorial has served as a peaceful place of rest for anyone grieving the loss of a child due to abortion or miscarriage as well as the loss of other loved ones.

Event organizers decided to make small adjustments this year to keep participants safe. The rally, which would normally take place indoors, was moved outside despite the freezing temperatures.

“It is important that we always stand up for life, even if it’s cold. Our sacrifice is so small compared to the lives of the children lost to abortion.”

Ashley Stackis – Executive Director, Dubuque County Right to Life

Due to the pandemic, the National March for Life was made virtual, but the local participants were happy that they still were able to walk in Dubuque.

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