Preview: Jesus, Shakespeare, and Amelia Earhart Run into a Wall

DUBUQUE – LORAS COLLEGE – What do a pilot, Jesus, and the most famous playwright in history have in common? It sounds like the opening of a joke, but they are actually the subjects of a theatrical premiere at Loras College. The play is entering its first worldwide performance right here at Loras over the weekend.

Doug Donald  “Jesus, Shakespeare, and Amelia Earhart Run into a Wall” is the brainchild of Professor Doug Donald, the theater instructor at Loras College. He also stars in the play, and provides the different characters in the one-man production.

Through different approaches, the play examines how stereotypes,Boxes particularly those that assign people into categories, build boxes or walls that separate human connection. It also discusses how people sometimes stick others into categories that are not entirely accurate to the human condition, and Donald uses his characters to provide different perspectives on life and morality. This includes the idea that God is actually a woman.

Professor Donald stated, “My goal….is to get people to think about why they believe what they believe, not necessarily to challenge it….”Interview Through this approach, he hopes to get people to think about themselves and their world.


The Wall

The play runs September 24th to 27th at St. Joseph’s Theater in Hoffman Hall on campus. The 24th, 25th, and 26th will have performances at 7 P.M. every night, while the 27th has a matinee at 2 P.M. Admission to the event is free because of a grant from the Archbishop Kucera Center concerning religious diversity, but seating is limited to about a hundred people. So, if you want to attend, you must get there early.

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Levi Bernhard is currently a senior student at Loras College. He originally hails from St. Benedict, a small town near Algona, Iowa. Levi is a reporter and crew member for LCTV News, and helps contribute stories to productions. A couple years ago, he worked as an intern at Kossuth Regional Health Center, recording and editing videos. This past January, he went on a travel January Term course to Greece, where he helped create a couple of short documentaries about the country. He enjoys being in media studies because he likes the concepts of telling stories to wide audiences, and working with a variety of technology. He is also in media studies because he has a dream of becoming a filmmaker.

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