Presidential hopefuls Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg make stops in Dubuque

Reporters: Asia Singleton and Maggie Wedlake


Two democratic candidates made a stop over the magnificent Mississippi Tuesday evening.

Former representative Bernie Sanders rallied at the Clock Plaza Tower in downtown Dubuque while Mayor Pete Buttigieg gathered with voters in a town hall meeting down in the Port of Dubuque. 

Dubuque was the last stop of the day for both candidates on a statewide tour of Iowa. 

Sanders touched base on hot topics such as Climate Change, Immigration, Abortion, Gun Safety, and Free tuition and removal of student loan debt.

Reporter Asia Singleton asked Sanders what college voters should know about this upcoming election. Sanders responded, “College students should know  that this election is the most important election in modern history. They have got to participate in the political process they cannot afford to sit it out.” 

Sanders discussed free tuition for public colleges and universities and removal of student loan debt saying, “One of the issues we are that we’re working on is to make public colleges and universities tuition  free so that every kid in Iowa, Vermont or any place else can go to college regardless of his or her income, and we’ve got to cancel all student debt and we are going to pay for that with a modest tax on Wall Street speculation, so that’s just one of the many issues that are out there.

One supporter Jarett Johnson discussed what he took away from Sanders speech. 

Johnson said, “He is determined to take on corporate greed and is determined to make sure that this country is able to be able to pay for the medication that they need and not have to worry about dying from not being able to get the care that they need.”

In the Port Buttigieg spoke on issues like health care, mental health awareness, education, and gun control.

Buttigieg answered questions from the audience on his platform. Over eight hundred attended the Town Hall.

Buttigieg drove the rally home by reminding voters what this election is all about to him saying, “It’s about the fact that political decisions affect our everyday lives. They affect our communities They affect our families. They affect our paychecks, our marriages. This is why we have government politics to try and make those things better and yet right now we send politicians to Washington hoping their going to fight for us and when they get there it feels like they are more interested in fighting than they are in the part about us, and that’s what’s got to change.”

Voters who attended the rally said that the most important thing right now is to focus on the issues that each candidate is most centered on. 

Morgan Munster said, “I’m really looking at the issues. My biggest issues right now are climate change, gender and racial equality. So I’m looking at what they are saying on those issues and whether that aligns with my values and the values of every other American, especially here in Iowa.”

 Both Sanders and Buttigieg are campaigning around the state of Iowa through the end of the week.

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