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By Xavier Sanchez

The 2020 presidential election is less than a year away with candidates deciding to make major pushes across the United States, especially in the state of Iowa. Last week, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren made stops across Iowa, including Dubuque, to meet with potential voters in hopes of gaining support for their campaigns. While each democratic candidate wants to defeat President Donald Trump, they still find themselves on different pages on how they plan to get that done.

Joe Biden visited the Loras College Fieldhouse on a snowy Wednesday evening in front of roughly 300 people. Biden right off the gates opens up with “I am sick and tired at what is happening right now.” This was the earliest of jabs at the current administration which he continued to do so throughout his roughly twenty-three-minute speech.

His speech touched on things from healthcare, climate change, and school safety but contained very little substance. He inserted personal stories but gave little run down of how exactly his plans work to get the results he plans to reach. He did offer the notion that he wants to help the poor and middle-class by holding the wealthy accountable.

He said, “If you’re wealthy, don’t expect me to do anything but make you pay your fair share.” The crowd embraced the sentiment with a large round-of-applause.

Biden was not on his game the whole night when he asked those attendance if they would caucus for him come Feb. 4, 2020. No one corrected him but the Iowa Caucus is actually held on Feb. 3.

Biden concluded with a John F. Kennedy quote about choosing to go to the moon and spun it to fit his speech. Biden said, “I refuse to postpone one more day taking this guy out of being president of the United States of America and reestablish America’s leadership overall for our own safety sake and for the rest of the world.”

Elizabeth Warren spent her first Saturday night in Dubuque at Hempstead High School for her Town Hall. She was welcomed to a crowd of about 615 people which included Iowa state Rep. Lindsay James. Much like Biden, Warren did not shy away from her disliking of President Trump. She made subtle jabs at the current administration and what she believes they are doing wrong. Warren mentioned how she wants it to be mandated that anyone who runs for office to post their tax returns online which was an obvious attack toward President Trump.

Unlike Biden, Warren did not need to worry about forgetting the Iowa Caucus date because the scoreboards in the gym reflected the Feb. 3rd, 2020 date.

Presidential candidate Warren is constantly reminding her audience that she has “a plan for that.” It does not matter what it is or if she actually has one prepared. In the past, Warren’s contenders have put pressure on her for not listing out details to her plans. This week she answered back.

Just this week, Warren announced how she plans to be able to pay for Medicare-for-all plan. This would be an overhaul of the current system and would put more pressure on businesses and the wealthy and would allow the middle-class a new chance to thrive.

While the election is ways away, Warren wants to remind people she is in it for the long haul and can be the next president. Her mission is to attack corruption head on, big structural change, and to protect our democracy.

“2020 is our chance, chance to make real change,” said Warren.

Biden and Warren are just the latest two candidates to make their rounds through the Dubuque. Presidential candidate visits likely will not slowdown in Dubuque and the rest of Iowa with the Iowa Caucus being held in under one hundred days.

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Xavier is a staff writer for The Lorian.

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