President Trump rallies in Dubuque

By Darby Callahan (TheLorian)

On Nov. 1, President Donald J. Trump visited the battleground state of Iowa. He had numerous Congressional and Senatorial Candidates as well as Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, speak in favor of him after prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, and the national anthem. Lindell critiqued the governor of Minnesota while he praised the governor of Iowa. Lindell thinks that the Evangelical vote will go to President Trump due to the recent Selzer & Co. poll that shows the president leading by seven points.

Those in the crowd at the Dubuque Regional Airport represented four states: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa. The Republicans in attendance took direct aim at the left for their “progressive” policies they are trying to push for in Congress. The Iowa Republican Party Chairperson, Jeff Kauffman verbally attacked left-leaning media such as CNN, CBS, and NBC by yelling at them in a very unprofessional way, but it did not differ from the way President Trump has critiqued the media throughout his presidency.

The Republican candidates in attendance discussed a variety of topics such as farming, economics, the estate tax, and the many promises President Trump has kept in his first four years of office, such as: working to defund Planned Parenthood and protecting life, working for farmers, lowering taxes, eliminating the estate tax, and support small businesses. Senator Chuck Grassley used the phrase “Promises made, promises kept” when discussing the work the president has done during his first term in office. Before President Trump took the stage, the Trump campaign played a video regarding the President’s time leading up to his presidential run and his qualifications for the highest office in the land. President Trump has added about 6.6 million jobs, according to According to CNBC, the unemployment rate for black and Hispanic populations in the United States has also lowered under the Trump administration. President Trump attacked the Chinese government for covering up the novel Coronavirus, calling COVID-19 a xenophobic nickname the ‘Chinese Plague,’ a term that he repeatedly has used on the campaign trail.

President Trump also called out former Vice President Joseph R. Biden for not supporting farmers and the ethanol industry claiming that if elected, Biden would take away the 15 percent ethanol that President Trump signed off on. President Trump claimed if the ethanol industry loses the opportunity to produce and sell 15 percent ethanol, farmers will lose money that they are currently getting from selling corn for ethanol production. He also claimed that twenty-eight billion dollars went to farmers and that the money came from China. President Trump also bragged about getting rid of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and its replacement, the United States Mexico and Canada Agreement (USMCA). President Trump claimed that China is now one of the biggest purchasers of corn and soybeans. President Trump also accused Biden of being bought by China, which there is no credible evidence to support this claim. He also thanked Senators Joni Ernst and Grassley for “slashing job-slashing regulations.”

President Trump called for all ballots to be counted by Election Day, as it has been for a long time. According to the New York Times, we never had the final results on Election Day. He also asked the audience how many people voted already, and how many people will be voting on Election Day, a majority of the audience raised their hands that they plan to vote on Election Day. An Iowa Poll by Selzer & Co. came out on Oct. 31 saying that Senator Ernst is up four points and President Donald is up seven points. The margin of error on that poll is plus or minus 3.4 percentage points.

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