PR Solutions: A rising Loras club

By Gatien Delaunay

This week in the club spotlight, we focus on PR Solutions, a student-led organization that aims to develop the skills and understandings of its members in the Public Relations (PR) field throughout various activities. Current President of PR solutions, senior Samantha Garcia Bracho, agreed to answer a few questions to represent the club.

How would you describe the organization with your own words, and what is the impact of the organization on its members?

PR Solutions provides students with content that goes beyond what they have learned in class. Public Relations is a broad field, but by attending the meetings, members gain insight into what the career has to offer. In this way, they learn about what they’re most passionate about to continually deepen their knowledge in such topics. Besides, it is a great added value to their resumes. The club, as well as the Public Relations curriculum at Loras, are continuously growing to offer the best experience for current and incoming students.

What are the significant projects that have been led so far, and what are those for the future?

We have hosted several events this semester lead by professionals located around the area. For example, professional photographers from Galena kindly accepted our invitation and led our first Photography Workshop. Other meetings included Professors/Alumni Panel, workshops in Social Media and LinkedIn, and we also offered Professional head-shots.

Regarding the future, every spring semester our biggest event is Creatives Connect. This networking event joins students, faculty, and professionals in the field to learn more about the recent changes in the communications world. This is a way to practice networking skills, make connections, and pursue potential internships or full-time positions in organizations around the community.

What have you brought to this organization so far?

We are aspiring to becoming a chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), and with this, the branding of the organization (the name and the logo) will change. The club is also engaging more in social media in order to reach a bigger audience in the school and in the Dubuque community as well. Another thing to add is that our meetings tend to be educational, but we are implementing social and fundraising events in which everybody is welcome to participate.

Can someone join the organization without being a PR major or minor?

Absolutely! We give out an agenda at the beginning of each semester, and we are constantly posting flyers of our upcoming meetings, so not only PR students but also people who are interested in a particular event can attend. Anyone is welcome to join us, but in order to become an official member, they have to attend at least 4 meetings per semester. After a meeting is held, the Secretary of the club, junior Carter Lee, always sends an email with notes for those who might want to look back into what was discussed or for those who missed a meeting.

Any interesting facts about the club?

We are grateful to have our faculty and alumni engaged in the club by leading and advertising our meetings. Also, those who attend our meetings are offered extra credit opportunities in some of their PR classes.

When and where are the meetings held?

We meet every other Tuesday at the Student Government Room (ACC 453) from 6 – 7 p.m.

If you are interested in the organization, do not hesitate to contact Samantha at or to follow PR Solutions on Facebook, Instagram @lorasprsolutions and Twitter @loraspr to know more about the events hosted by the club.

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