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Waves of controversies were created in politics over Easter weekend, possibly leading to legal action.  Republican Donald Trump has threatened a lawsuit against fellow Republican Ted Cruz. Trump accused Cruz of buying off delagates after he won the public vote for Louisiana, but Cruz recieved more delegate support.  So how could this have happened?


All these states are very complex the way they allot delegates.  You have an election, someone comes in first, second, third, whatever, and then delegates are alloted based on that, and every states rules are different.” -David Cochran, Professor of Politics at Loras College.

Cruz was also at odds with Republican John Kasich, after he asked Kasich to end his campaign run in order for Cruz to consolidate the anti-Trump faction of voters.  Kasich refused stating that he didn’t think that Cruz could effectively challenge Trump if he dropped out of the race.

On the Democratic side Bernie Sanders has made a move after winning three straight states, but Hilary Clinton remains the clear democratic leader.  Without continued wins from Sanders, Clinton looks to have the Democratic Nomination wrapped up.

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