Plumery Tails adds new pack member

GALENA – For the past couple of years, tens of hundreds of drivers have passed by Plumery Tails Mala-musement park in Galena, IL without a second glance as they make their way to various work and leisure activities. It seems like any other adorable, old house commonly found in the historic town. However, occasionally the passerby will be lucky enough to get a glimpse of the seven giant, fluffy dogs that frolic in the front yard. And just like that, this quaint victorian home catches hold of their attention.

The story behind Plumery Tails is unknown to those who haven’t stopped to take part in owners’ Bret Terrell and Kim Eastman’s successful Meet and Greet opportunity, where they have a chance to hear all about their unique story. It began when Bret and Kim first moved into their home with their four dogs in 2014. It didn’t take long for them to gain an enormous fan base, something they never expected.

Kim recalls when and how all the hype started, “…After a while so many people started coming in and taking pictures with the dogs, and asking questions about them, and wanting to know all about them.”

Surprisingly, for Kim and Bret this newfound interest in their dogs came with its own frustrations. In the beginning, this new home was meant to be an outlet for Bret’s children’s books, which are based off of the adventures that he has had with his dogs over the years. Unfortunately, many visitors just saw it as a ‘puppy playground.’

“They would stay for a couple of hours and all of a sudden they’d leave and say, ‘Thank you!’ without taking home a book!”

For Bret, his main objective is to get good, quality books in the hands of children everywhere. Luckily, as the idea of Plumery Tails began to take root and grow even larger, Bret’s dreams became a reality. Today, both book series Plumery Tails: The Adventures of Little Maxx and Bear as well as The Adventures of Max & I have reached global audiences around the world in places such as Chicago, Des Moines, Florida, California, Russia, and Spain.

Now, for $10 a person visitors get the chance to meet and talk with Bret about the books, as well as spend time interacting with and learning all about their seven, now eight, Alaskan Malamutes. That’s right: eight. Back in December, Plumery Tails added a new fluffy, floppy-eared puppy to their mix.

Bret says the response to Nanuk’s announcement on FaceBook was unbelievable. On the day he arrived, lines of people were already waiting at the gate to meet this special little man. And that’s not even the most impressive part of Nanuk’s story: he is also the first pup to truly have paid for himself in just one weekend.

With the addition of Nanuk, as well as various schools and libraries in Dubuque and surrounding areas featuring the books, Plumery Tails continues to grow and now looks to expand with future projects. One thing is certain, there is no slowing down for this beloved attraction.

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Rachel Choice is a senior from Batavia, IL. She reports for LCTV News and acts as Director for SportsZone as well as Producer for LCTV+, the online social media presence for News. Rachel hopes to one day work in film and television production, and chose Loras as the perfect school to gain the experience she couldn’t receive elsewhere.

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