Pints for Pat

LORAS COLLEGE – Loras College’s DuHealth club hosted a Red Cross blood drive Tuesday afternoon in honor of the late Pat Pisarik.  The long-time professor passed away in the fall during his 25th year of teaching.  The goal of the blood drive was to reach 67 pints, one for each year of his life.

The turnout was so overwhelming with over 67 registered donors that there was not enough supplies to collect from all of the participants.  The Red Cross ended up collecting just under the goal with 52 pints, which is the largest amount donated in Loras history.

Mackenzie Anderson, Vice President of DuHealth, said, “Unfortunately, I never had the chance of meeting Professor Pat Pisarik, but just from everybody that has spoke of him, he was an amazing man, and I just think that people are really coming just to donate just for him, in honor of him, and I think that that’s really incredible.”

The Red Cross accepted the donations of those who did not get a chance to donate blood on Thursday, and those pints also counted towards Loras’ spring blood drive.

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Caroline Breitbach is a a sophomore at Loras College studying Media Studies and English Creative Writing. She is a reporter for LCTV News. She is serves as the Secretary and Treasurer of the Guild of St. Genesius.

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