Pets in the Park?

DUBUQUE, IA-Dubuque City Council has been debating the issue of allowing Pets in the Park at the next couple meetings. This past Monday, the council resumed discussions on the ordinance.  A few items were proposed.

The Parks and Recreation Commission’s new recommendations included:

* A one-year trial period with evaluation.

* Allison-Henderson Park, basketball and tennis courts and skate parks would be off-limits.

* A pet cannot be within 10 feet of the mulch or hard surface area that contains children’s play equipment.

* The city will not provide waste bag dispensers except where they already are in place.

* It will cost an estimated $5,686 to post signs explaining the rules.

* A no-tolerance enforcement policy, which would require citations instead of warnings, is not recommended.

After some debate the ordinance was not passed by a vote of 5-2. A few pet owners gathered afterwards in the Historical Federal building upset over the vote. For now, the issue will not be discussed at any future meeting due to the vote.

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