Paul Ryan visits Loras College

DUBUQUE,IA-Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan visited Loras College to kick off his bus tour this week.

Ryan was introduced by Ben Lange who is running for the first District in Iowa against Bruce Braley.

Lange started out his speech stating, “Tell me are you ready to send President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden packing from the White House?”

Ryan started out his speech highlighting key issues hurting the United States including the National Debt, tax rates, and the unemployment numbers.

One of the main issues Ryan discussed was the issue of religious freedom.

“The first freedom, religious liberty, freedom of conscience that is our right as people and our government has no right taking that away from us.”

Ryan emphasized religion is much more than the Catholic way. “You know i’m Catholic and I can tell you’re Catholic too. this isn’t just a Catholic thing…..its a religious thing.”

Ryan’s overall message was we can get this done together and afterward even Illinois voters said they heard what they wanted to hear.

“I don’t know anyone who can listen to him and not see the wisdom of his arguments.”

Patrick O’Grady is the President of the Loras College Republicans and expressed what an excellent opportunity was to have Ryan on campus.

“I think to have a young, conservative, politician on campus on campus really relates to students.”

Ryan continued his bus tour today through Clinton, Muscatine, and Burlington IA.







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