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DUBUQUE – Do you enjoy a good book or a unique piece of art? The Carnegie-Stout Public Library gives community members the opportunity to do both in the same setting.

On Friday, February 5, the library hosted artists from around Dubuque and the tri-state area in the Art @ Your Library exhibit reception. The reception started a two-month long program, in which the artists display their works for public critique and enjoyment. Candles

During the reception, the seven creators of artwork were free to express the inspiration behind their pieces. LCTV News had the chance to interview several individuals about their contributions to the show.

Maurice Jones, the Economic Development Director for the city of Dubuque, said, “…for me, everything that you see, all the work that I’ve done, has been images that I’ve thought about, dreamt about, it’s just gotta stay with you, so you want to put that down on canvas….” He was remarking about a painting that he created of an aspen grove that hCrowdinge had seen while on a trip to Colorado.

A more abstract artist, Jan Lombardi, is a Mental Health Counselor, who had a different approach to creating art pieces. “One of the things I find that is probably the most nerve-wracking is a blank canvas, believe it or not. Sometimes I just have to put something on there just to get something started….”

While there, the artists also had the opportunity to greet local visitors as they came to support local art. The event turned out to have been well-attended, with interested parties gathering around the artwork of their choice. The pieces themselves ranged from photographs to paintings to decorative candles.

The reception may be over, but the exhibit has just begun. The art pieces will be located in the main hallway of the library from now until the end of March, and there are some pieces that people can even bid on if they want to take them home.

Art Photos

LCTV briefly asked about the bed bug problem at the Library, and we were told that the library has the situation well under control, and that people should not worry about stopping in.

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