Opening Doors receives $10,000 dollar grant

With the winter months approaching, shelters around the Dubuque area typically look to stock up on supplies for the coming months of high visitors. 

While this is true for Opening Doors, the shelter has seen high numbers all year. 

The holiday season brings a lot of joy and merriment to the often bleak weather that accompanies it.

Yet for some, it brings the worry of not having a roof over their head or a meal in their stomach.

And while the season usually causes an uptick in women and children at the Teresa Shelter, Opening Doors Development and Marketing Director Ann Lorenz has seen high numbers all year long.

Lorenz said, “We have experienced record numbers of women and children coming through this year so the timing of this couldn’t be better.”

The Teresa Shelter was fortunate enough to receive a $10,000 grant from the Anderson Foundation.

Ann said the grant was applied for with a specific cause in mind. “This grant will be specifically used for the emergency shelter program at Teresa Shelter.”

The emergency program helps women and children who as Ann describes it are in need of some basic support. “They’re really working on just getting through the day… food, water, shelter, just the basics.”

The 30 day emergency program allows these women and children to get their feet on the ground and with this grant, Ann is optimistic that their supplies will help them do exactly that.

“This fund will be there ready to supply and to shore up the various areas that need to be replenished. We chose this just because of the numbers that we have been seeing at Teresa Shelter.”

For women living at the shelter, it is easy to see the appreciation that they have for grants like this.

Britney Frisby summed up the feeling of gratitude saying, “Knowing that they have stuff… food and stuff like that it’s a big thing to know that we have that. There’s a place to go for people that don’t have a place to go.”

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