Nutrition changes for students returning home


Due to COVID-19, most schools nationwide have ended face-to-face class and this has resulted in sending students back home to resume classes online. One concept that needs to be addressed during this time is the nutritional changes within these students diets. Many students on a college campus spend each day relying on the cafe meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This access to food is convenient and right in front of students, though are students maintaining the same nutrition and keeping healthy habits at home through this change?

Kourtney Lynch, a first year at Loras, was heavily reliant on the cafe for her meals while on campus. Lynch had described her transition from cafe meals to being at home to be fairly easy. Lynch states “I feel that now I’m home I am eating way healthier meals and I can actually see what is being put into my meals which makes me feel much better when I am eating a meal.” Lynch had also mentioned that she eats when she is hungry. While at school lynch felt she ate when friends went to the cafe and she would eat when she was not hungry or over eat the cafe food that was not the healthiest option for herself. 

“I’m eating healthier meals and only actually eating when I’m hungry.”

Kourtney Lynch, Loras Freshman

Another student at Loras, Ben Fogarty a Junior had commented about his changes in his diet. Fogarty has stated that he had relied on the cafe for most of his meals. He had said that since being at home he has turned to purchasing frozen meals and fast food, and not much of home cooked meals. Fogarty stated that “it was weird switching from having access to the cafe and now not having that.”

“I find myself eating less regularly, but I am binge eating much more”

Ben Fogarty, Loras Junior

Local Hyvee Dietitian Megan Horstman, recommends that students eat foods that boost your natural immunity. Horstman provided these immune boosting shopping lists.

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Morgan is a freshman at Loras College, and is from Dubuque, Iowa. An anchor and reporter for LCTV news. She is majoring in Marketing and Media Studies.

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