Beloved NICC Teacher to Retire

PEOSTA, IA – Northeast Iowa Community College is saying goodbye to one of its most beloved teachers.

At the end of the Spring semester, Jerry Kramer will have taught for 56 years. Since 1962, Jerry has been involved in the world of education but he didn’t ever intend on becoming a teacher. Coming right from the infantry Jerry originally planned on working at Deere when he got a letter. “I had the degree in math and physics that they needed,” Kramer says after the Loras College bureau asked him if he could substitute for a year.

Every day for the past 17 years Jerry has come to Northeast Iowa Community College and helped students with math whether it be Algebra 1, Calculus, or even nursing dosage calculations.

Not only has Jerry helped students pass their classes with flying colors but he has also helped both students and teachers gain a friend.

Suzanne Schramm has not only worked with Jerry at NICC for the past 7 years but also had him as a former teacher. Jerry took over Sue’s job after she went on maternity leave and then the two stuck around each other. “He helped raise my kids. I’ll miss seeing him around here but I know that when something happens after he’s gone I’ll think ‘That’s something Jerry would’ve said’ or ‘That’s something Jerry would do!'”

Why Kramer decided to retire now has one simple answer. “I’m 78.” Kramer says he and his wife are in good health and have a good life and he now is looking forward to being with his wife to watch the sunrise and the sunset.

Kramer will spend his days working on his farm tending to goats with his wife and enjoying his time with his grandchildren. Though he said he’ll miss the students and the satisfaction he gets from helping them with something they never thought they could do, he won’t be forgotten.

Kramer plans to continue to stop in to the NICC Learning Center to check in with former students and co-workers and occasionally help them with math.

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Emilie Dalsing is currently a junior at Loras College with a major in Media Studies. She is a reporter and Technical Director for Loras College Television. At Loras she is involved in the Public Relations Club. She reports for LCTV News because she likes to find interesting stories in the Dubuque community that the public may not know about.

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