New Iowa Gun Law Proposal

DUBUQUE- Gun. It’s a hot topic word and a current Iowa proposal regarding firearms is bringing the heat.

Lt. Scott Baxter notes, “I would say that this most recent proposal has probably been the most significant one in the last several years.”

This proposed bill breaks down many key issues within gun rights and if implemented, would bring about some big changes. Stand-your-ground  means if citizens are threatened or perceive to be under threat, they are able to use force without retreating. If Iowa were to implement these changes, Iowa would be the 25th state with stand-your-ground laws.

Other changes the bill would make is allowing lifetime permits in place of five year renewals, removing public universities’ abilities to declare gun-free zones, allowing minors to possess a firearm under direct supervision of a guardian, making gun permit information closed records and more.

Potentially impacting college campuses, LCTV asked Loras students what they thought of these potential new changes.

Austin Epple, a senior at Loras reveals, “As a gun owner, I don’t think that this is necessarily a bad thing. Having lifetime permits is more of a convenience thing as opposed to renewing them so I think that would be a good change.

Whereas another student, Andrew Weber argues, “Being on college campuses, that doesn’t make me feel safe in the slightest and in fact, it makes me feel a bit more scared.”

Despite the difference in opinion, officers encourage citizens to stay educated.

Lt. Baxter concludes, “As a citizen, what this means, in my opinion, empowering the citizen to do more to protect themselves and their ¬†friends and families and other citizens in general.”

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