New grub comes to the Pub

Summer renovation and menu change brings different food, atmosphere and experience to campus

The Pub has received a major face-lift since students left for summer break. Gone are the stations of make-your-own wraps and burgers, and in their place – a long, shiny bar. A new counter stretches across the back of the restaurant, where students place their orders. After an order is taken, the customer receives a buzzer that will alert them (quite loudly) when their food is ready to be picked up at a small window beside the bar.

Photo by Kaitlin Yahr

“The food preparation area is now separate from the order area, [which] allows our staff to more fully focus their attention on completing the orders that are placed,” stated Susan Dubois, Director of Dining Services. With the busy lunch rushes that happen on campus daily, the speed of the cooks will definitely be put to the test this year.

In terms of food, the Pub’s new menu has a clear theme: bar food. From burgers to loaded fries to chicken wings, the Pub is channeling a Buffalo Wild Wings-esque style to draw in hungry college students. While the new bar food excites many students, others have noticed the absence of Papa John’s pizza that used to be offered at the Pub. Dubois stated that the pizza partnership ended because the dining staff had received feedback from students saying they wanted a change from Papa John’s.IMG_0605 (1)

Another new feature is the addition of alcohol being offered every day, as opposed to only on weekends in the past. Students over 21 seem to be very pleased with the change, liking the option of ordering a cold one right on campus after a long day of walking from Hennessy to Hoffmann.

The overall goal of the new design of the Pub is to make the restaurant a more appealing place for students, as well as alumni, to come relax with their friends. The new TVs that line the walls seem a bit unnecessary during the day, but will get much use when sporting events are on – adding to the sports bar-like feel the restaurant is trying to achieve. Expect one final design change in the Pub in mid-October, when new furniture is expected to arrive to complete the new look of the restaurant.

IMG_0607Ultimately, the success of the Pub depends on the students’ opinions of the new renovation. Will it become the new hangout spot? Or will a certain breakfast shop edge it out to be the number one food joint on campus? Come October, the Bagel vs. Beer Battle begins.

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