Duhawks adjust to COVID restrictions on campus


LORAS COLLEGE – Coronavirus has caused many changes to everyone’s daily routines. Mask, social distancing, and even online learning have become the norm this year. One Loras student walks us through a typical day of hers. 

Nell Boylan is a junior at Loras College majoring in Accounting. Most of the classes that she is taking this semester are hybrid, giving her a different Duhawk experience.

“I feel like I barely ever leave my house,”

Nell Boylan – Loras Junior

In previous semesters Boylan would spend three out of five days on campus, that has now boiled down to two days. 

Students are welcomed back to campus with open arms. However, there are new changes they have to adapt to once arriving on campus Boylan and the rest of the Loras community have to check their temperatures using monitors that are placed all throughout campus.

Hand sanitizing stations are placed in different parts of campus. Common areas aren’t as busy as before and campus in general is just a little more quiet. 

However even with all of these changes, Nell Boylan and all other Loras students are excited to be back on campus and getting some of the Duhawk experience back. 

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Kamaya is a junior at Loras College majoring in Media Stuides.

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