New bill aims to limit distracted driving


A new texting and driving bill goes into effect July first – and it aims to limit distracted driving.

It covers texting as well as sending emails, taking photos, and browsing the internet.

Drivers can still make phone calls or use cellular GPS.

The bill makes texting and driving a “primary offense.”

This means it can be the cause of individuals being pulled over.

Texting and driving now also carries a fine of about one hundred dollars after court costs.

A number of law enforcement officers have expressed concern over challenges that may come with enforcement, including officers in Dubuque.

“If we’re just out patrolling and trying to enforce this law um short of being inside the car with the person there’s really no way for us to determine if they’re texting or placing a call or entering an address for GPS use,” said Lt. Scott Baxter, Dubuque Public Information Officer.

Lieutenant Baxter believes a hands free law would make enforcement easier and further improve driver safety.

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