National Scholars Strike for Racial Justice

By Jorge Ramirez (TheLorian)

Four Duhawks were asked to discuss personal anecdotes, experiences and struggles they have had growing up in a society that challenges them due to their skin color.

On Tuesday, Sept. 8, over 150 Loras College students and staff members gathered at Loras College’s AWC to show their support for Black students and condemn systemic racism and police brutality. The event, titled Power in Our Voices, featured a panel of Black student-athletes. Senior Dimitric Young, junior Marion Edwards, junior Tyreke Winston, and senior Terriana Black were responsible for this event.

“White people that might not be rich in economic or financial terms still get the benefit of the doubt from those in positions of power. People of color never get those benefits,” stated Young.

None of the four students in the panel hesitated to indicate their true beliefs when directing their words to the many people sitting in the stands.

Black made one of the most astounding remarks of the night. “All lives will not matter until black lives matter,” she stated. Her statement was followed by an ovation from the stands.

Justice in the United States has functioned under double standards for way too long, and Loras College students as well as many others from the community fear for their lives. Despite the uncomfortable and disappointing situation the United States is facing in its battle against racial discrimination, Black, an NCAA National Champion, stated that:

“I have to highlight Loras College’s attempt to welcome minority students into this institution. They have been taking action right away rather than just waiting for this situation to dissipate. President Collins, specifically, has been great, too. He really exemplifies the concept of being Loras Together.”

 Power in Our Voices was organized with the help of The Center for Inclusion & Advocacy and Sergio Perez (13’), its Officer as well as the Advisor to the President. Perez, who interacted multiple times with these students before organizing this event, stated:

“It was all about the leadership the students took. After the Kenosha situation developed, they decided to speak up, and put together an event such as this one. They fear actions like these are likely to happen in Dubuque as well, either to themselves, or fellow Duhawks.”

 Perez, who is also very proud of the attitude and bravery that these four athletes portray made it clear that Loras College will persevere when it comes to this topic, commenting that:

“The Center for Inclusion & Advocacy has been talking about this issue for a long time already. Not just now. We’ll be providing our students these spaces throughout the year, in a way in which the panel yesterday is not forgotten. Given the attendance we had, I am expecting students to keep supporting movements like this one. It is important to keep generating awareness.”

As Loras College has stated multiple times on their social media content throughout the past month, “we are a community and we will make it an even better community in the days ahead.”

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