Music department delights families at Dessert Pops

Every year the Loras Music Department presents an annual fundraising event that sells out. Proceeds from this concert make it possible for students to continue to receive scholarships and for those in choir to participate in future tours.

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Photos by Anne-Marie Elsinger

Dessert Pops is a concert filled with treats and tunes for all ages. This year the music selection ranged from gospel tunes to chart-topping songs. Some selections performed included “Bridge Over Troubled Water” performed by the Concert Choir, “I’m Not Afraid of Anything” performed by Allison Klimesh, “All About the Bass” performed by first years Antonia Rupert, Simone Guio, Maria Roche, Sloane Neuzil, and several jazz selections played by the Jazz Ensemble.

“Dessert Pops is an opportunity for the Music Department to display many of its talented students. In addition to our choirs and jazz band, we heard two student-run ensembles (Duhawkappella and Drumline), and 10 solo or small group musical acts. I was impressed with the way the students prepared and polished their acts and for the way they presented themselves on stage.” commented new associate professor music, Dr. Steven Grieves.2015-10-24 20.58.56

“Being a transfer student from Iowa State, I never got opportunities to perform at events like Dessert Pops at a big state school. It really shows that Loras provides its students with so many exciting opportunities to showcase their talents,” commented Jack Sarcone who performed with Anna Neilsen.

“I was also fortunate to have my parents, sister, and grandparents at the show and they were so impressed with the depth of talent at Loras College,” Sarcone added. The duo performed a mash-up of “Come on Me” and “I’m Yours.”

“Dessert Pops was a lot fun and a great opportunity for me to share my love of music with everyone in the audience. This particular event showcased a lot of great Loras talent that we don’t see every day, and in my opinion, it should happen more often!” Neilsen shared about her splendid experience.

Overall, Dessert Pops was a huge hit for the community, that will be looked forward to in the future.

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