Murder Mystery for Social Justice and Service

This past Saturday, Feb. 9, the Loras ballrooms featured a show like no other offered before. A full Loras alumni cast consisting of Tom Goodman, Cathy Goodman, Ted Borelli, Stacia McDermott, Kyle Klapatauskas, Stephanie Klapatauskas, and Nathan Ripperger performed a murder mystery show. The show was a way to raise money for service trips offered to students here on campus.

Stacia McDermott said, “With an entire Loras alum cast, I pitched the idea to Chris Cochran, our Coordinator of Service and Programming to put on the murder mystery as a fundraiser for service trips. Since costs of service trips are higher than what we ask students to pay, having other fundraising efforts are essential to maintaining the program. This seemed like a great way to build community, have some fun, and raise money.”

The event was packed and offered an extremely entertaining and interactive experience for all who attended. Loras President Jim Collins took part in the show, by surprise, and brought the feeling of Loras family and community all together with a humorously unexpected role in the show. Many other members in the audience were asked to participate in the investigation of a murder, and all responded willingly and humorously, making the show a planned and improvised masterpiece.

“We, the Brew Players, offer monthly murder mystery shows both scripted and improvised at Stone Cliff Winery, and sometimes there are some people we know in attendance. Saturday’s performance was packed with colleagues and students, which made it even more enjoyable” said Stacia after the performance.

The night was overall very successful for the service trip programs here at Loras. “I think it was a great event where hopefully people escaped the winter blues for a bit and it also raised nearly $1700 for service trips” Stacia said.

The group looks to offer more performances in the future with different scripts having already been written. The show was written by Loras’ very own Kyle Klapatauskas, and fit the entertainment desires of a Loras crowd perfectly. Loras offers a multitude of social justice and service trips each year for students at a great rate. Locations include Denver, Washington DC, local Dubuque, and more. They offer an experience for students to grow as a person outside of the classroom while helping communities far or close to home. Saturday’s murder mystery was just one way that makes these options available to students.

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