Mormon Moment

DUBUQUE, IA-Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney looks to defeat President Barack Obama in November.

Romney, known for his business skills is also a practicing Mormon. Here in Dubuque, a congregation of about 700 people practice this faith in the small church on Fremont Ave and several missionaries come in during the year to serve the community.

Elder Preston Monsour talks about the unique experiences in the Mormon faith. “The most important thing that we do is partake in the sacrament or communion some might say…the bread and water-we use water and not wine or juice.”

He also states, “No coffee, no tea, no tobacco, no alcohol, and no illegal drugs or substances.”

Most missionaries turn 19 and go and fulfill their mission wherever the committee in sees fit. They then serve for two years in several different places.  Another missionary, Elder James Pope, tells about the unique experience missionaries have.

“We want to really focus on missionary work in the area and help people who are really in need.” Sometimes this includes painting a house or mowing someone’s lawn. Now with Romney running in the election, the Mormon religion is open to the public eye.

Pope says this is why the religion has nothing to hide. “We’re not trying to hide this. We’re not trying to keep this a secret. This is not a cult. Wer’re doing all we can to share it with people and learn more about it. I said this earlier that is why this is the Mormon moment.

A Mormon moment indeed when the next President of the United States could be a Mormon himself.

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