Miracle League of Dubuque making dreams come true

DUBUQUE – Kids with special needs will soon have the opportunity to play America’s favorite pastime on the Miracle League baseball field.

City Council recently approved the $3 million project which will be built at Veterans Memorial Park.

Reporter Kelly Kuboushek meet up with Jil VanCleave and her 18 year-old son, Conner.

Connor has Down syndrome, but loves to play sports.

Former Hempstead High School baseball coach, Tom Wintry, believes Conner and the 1,700 other special needs kids in Dubuque deserve a chance to play baseball.

He’s raising money to build a Miracle League field.

Wintry is excited about what the new field will do for the Dubuque community.

“When you wait and when you see these kids run down first base for the first time, there’s nothing any different from them being excited about getting to first base than any player I ever had. It’s just one of those things that’s a little different.”

The Miracle League Field will give kids like Conner a chance to play in a safe and controlled environment.

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