Mid-week Meditation

Mid-week Meditation

LORAS COLLEGE РStudents and staff in the Loras community are taking a break for reflection mid-way through each week.  Anastacia McDermott and Dr. Julia Omarzu held mid-week meditations a few years back and decided to start leading them again as a way to teach the community how to practice meditation and mindfulness.

They lead different types of meditation, ranging from posturing and breathing to guided or silent meditations.  Their main goal for these meditations is to promote mental, physical, and spiritual health.

McDermott says, “I think it is a great opportunity that cuts across religious, spiritual differences and has proven results in all varieties of wellness.”

Mid-week meditation is held every Wednesday evening at 4:15 in the Interfaith space in the Alumni Campus Center Room 580, and anyone is welcome to attend.

Email Anastacia McDermott at anastacia.mcdermott@loras.edu for more information.

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Caroline Breitbach is a a sophomore at Loras College studying Media Studies and English Creative Writing. She is a reporter for LCTV News. She is serves as the Secretary and Treasurer of the Guild of St. Genesius.

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