Mentalist blows minds

Wouldn’t it be nice if mind reading were possible? On Oct. 23, Mark Toland did his best to prove to the families of Loras College that the feat can indeed be accomplished.

“When he drew the picture of the fish, that was when I didn’t know how he did it” said German foreign exchange student Niclas Potente. “I believe mind reading is real.”

Toland, an award-winning mind reader, has performed his shows for many companies such as Disney, McDonalds, and Citibank, just to name a few. The fish that Potente mentions was a part of one of Toland’s many incredible acts of mind reading performed to kick of Family Weekend.

For this act, five lucky members of the audience came on to the stage and were instructed to draw a living thing on a blank piece of paper. After the drawings were complete, Toland collected the pictures, and shuffled them without looking at any of the content drawn on the pages. He then revealed the first picture and had all members on stage say that they didn’t draw the picture. Then, based on their reaction, Toland could tell who the artist was.

Impressed with the act, the audience still had reason not believe that the act was mind reading, but rather reading the responses and being able to identify who was lying. Regardless, the audience continued to watch Toland as only one picture remained with one audience member left on the stage. Instead of revealing the last picture, Toland decided to put his mind reading ability on display.

Instructing the last audience member to imagine the picture that he had drawn clearly in his mind, Toland pulled out a blank piece of paper of his own, and began to draw what the last audience member had drawn on his paper.

Without ever seeing the last picture, Toland and the single remaining audience member revealed their pictures at the same time, and the results were eerily similar. Both had drawn a fish swimming to the right of the page, with very vivid waves surrounding the fish.

The crowd was in awe of the act, and many in attendance, including Potente, instantly became mind reading believers. Sprinkling in an appropriate amount of humor throughout the evening, Toland put on a show for the audience in attendance. Regardless of whether mind reading is possible, this self-proclaimed mind reader effectively kicked off Family Weekend.

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