Meet the new Loras employee: Dr. Christina Edwards

Dr. Christina EdwardsChristina Edwards headshot

Specialty: Assistant professor of chemistry, leader of junior seminar

Education: Degrees from University of Kansas and University of Iowa

Recent Experience: Visiting professor of chemistry at Loras during the previous year

Family: Married

What is it about your field that interests you so much?

I think what I really love about science is it explains the world around us, so when we see the sun set or when you put dry ice in water, you see that it forms this cool vapor. Science can really explain those things, so that’s really why I’m interested in it. And you get to blow things up, so how cool is that?

How long have you been at Loras?

This is my second year. My first year I was actually a visiting professor, and then I accepted the full-time, ten-year track position.

What made you decide on Loras?

I really love the cooperative front at Loras. Even when I was just here for one year, the chemistry faculty was very supportive about allowing me to have different kinds of opportunities and experiences to help me build skills as a professor and build up my skill set.

What is it about Loras’ chemistry section that fits with you?

I think the flexibility and the support to try new things. There is a large support here to be able to do that. The other chemistry faculty are into trying new things. If you have an idea and you’re like, ‘I think this would be really awesome,’ they’re like, ‘Let’s make this happen’ and I think that is one of the biggest things. I have sort of an autonomy to do what I want and have support with that.

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