Meet the new Loras employee

Dr. Adam Kluck

What do you love most about teaching music?

I love that music is an art and it lives in the moment it’s created. It is
not like visual art that is painted and done. It is profound that a piece
of music can be played hundreds of times but sound different each time.
It also has the power to change people’s lives even on a minute scale.
It is priceless.

What made you choose Loras?

I wanted to come the previous year because I heard great things from someone who worked in the Clarke program before. I was told it was a lot of work but rewarding, and it truly has been rewarding. I liked the idea of teaching at a small liberal arts college. Music allows me to connect with people and connect them to others. Loras has given me that person already. At my interview it was clear that everyone valued the students and each other.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

People getting to hear the choirs. I think they are doing very well. Everyone works so hard, and I want others to hear the fruits of their labor.

What piece of advice would you give students taking your classes?

I have three simple rules. One, go to class. Two, do your homework. Three, make the right friends.

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