Meet the new Loras employee

Dr. Luke Tyler

Specialty: Theory and piano performance, choir accompanisttyler headshot

Education: B.A. in music from Hanover College, master’s from Miami University, doctorate from Ball State University

Background: Grew up in Connorsville, IN.

Family: Married and owns two cats.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

For this year, I am looking forward to getting performance opportunities, getting to know my students, just getting myself used to Loras culture and getting used to really being a part of the college and preparing myself to teach long-term.

What made you decide on Loras?

It was in the part of the country I really liked. It’s still in the Midwest, so I feel like I can easily get myself assimilated without being wildly different with something like going down South or the West or East coasts. I knew it was a place that I could fit into the culture, and I have family nearby, so it was much better than moving out, say, to the middle of nowhere.

What is your favorite thing about Dubuque?

It’s beautiful. Having lived in east central Indiana, which is 100 percent flat, the first thing that struck me is the hills and the topography, and everything else. I like how it feels like a bigger city but still has a small-town feel to a degree, so you get the best of both worlds.

What advice do you have for students taking your classes?

Review things, if not every night for a few minutes, every couple of days, because information is going to be best retained if you think about it and implement it. Also, stay on time and on top of work and communicate if there is an issue. I want all of my students to be successful.


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